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Reviving Ancient Sisterhood: A magical gathering for women

A Magical Gathering for Women on Ikaria: 30 October – 3 November 2019

Over the 25 years I have lived on the island and in more recent years, as I have opened the doors to the magic of Ikaria to many visitors, I have noticed that many women are drawn to come here. I have suspected it has something to do with the temple of Artemis that was built in Nas.

Whether it is the temple ruins, the women of the island have always shared a strong bond together. Ikaria has always naturally had a matriarchal society, where women were the ones who guided many of the important decisions in the family and community.

In the spirit of reviving these important connections for women, my good friend Simone Leona Hueber is reinstating what women have known to be true for centuries – that we as women – were made to be together, to support each other, and to be in community together.

She is offering a special gathering for women, to experience the magic of sisterhood, and a deep connection to the island that has existed for centuries.

As Simone describes:

Reviving the Ancient Sisterhood Traditions

"This is a call to bring women together to gather with the intention of knowing and embodying the truth of who we are at our essence – reclaiming our sovereign power as vessels of creation – women who are sensual, alive and awake.

"This gathering will be a place for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together to recalibrate, incubate, dream, slow down, heal and reconnect to their own innate wisdom." 

"As one of the homes to the fertile goddess, Ikaria will be the perfect place to experience:

Celebration – In a circle of sisters, we see many individual expressions of being a woman. There is no elite, no division, but a warm acceptance of all the colours, shapes and sizes. Sitting in circle held by the wild elements of Ikaria, we will share our stories, appreciate and support each other in our individuality, dreams, and choices.

Mastery – Sisterhood encourages the expression of our full power as women. It is a supportive journey of mastery over our deep instinctual nature, our thoughts and our physicality. As we shape our inner world, we discover the power to manifest our dreams in the outer world. Connecting to our instinctual nature through deep movement practices, yoga classes, and with the deep wisdom of the island herself that will enable this unfolding. 

Honour – Sisterhood is a path of honouring our sensuality as women. There will be space to celebrate the sensual aspects of being a woman, supported by the surrounds of Ikaria: as we eat nourishing organic food prepared in traditional ways, swim in pristine beaches, walk and hike on spectacular trails, forage for wild herbs, soak in the healing hot springs, absorbing the wild elements of the island with all of our senses.

Stillness – The feminine principle is receptive. In stillness we open to inspiration, we connect deeply with ourselves, so that we are able to hold space more deeply for our families, children, and communities. The healing properties of Ikaria are the perfect backdrop to help us come into to our bodies and truly listen. There will be deep sunset mediation sessions on the healing rocks of the island, where each woman will have the opportunity to dive deep into her own experience of ‘receptivity’.

Creativity – While we have the ability to birth new life, women also have the capacity to birth their dreams to life in the same way. We have a responsibility to express this creativity, be it through creating a family, a community, harmony, works of art, dance, music or anything that calls us – in our own unique and original way. Using stillness, movement, the deepening connection to each other and to the island, we will have the opportunity to open to our own creative impulses.

We need these sacred principles now more than ever, if women are to impact the world in ways that are truly needed."

‘When women are no longer lost, asking others to tell them what they should do or how they should live, there will be great changes in our world. This is not to say that the friendships and bonds of women are not to be used; on the contrary, the support of other women who have walked the same path is paramount.’

– Jami Sams, The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers

Cost of gathering: 350 Euros. (This includes all transport to sacred nature sites during the facilitated gathering).

Additional costs and information:

  • 4 nights accommodation in the village of Nas to be booked separately. (Suggestions will be provided)

  • A discount will be provided for recommended car hire for you to enjoy exploring the island.

  • All meals and snacks to be paid individually.

  • You will need to purchase your own return flights to Athens and from Athens to Ikaria, and arrange your own Travel Insurance.

For more information and to reserve your place for this ancient sisterhood experience, please contact Simone at

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