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An immersion into soulful living

When Dan Buettner marked Ikaria as one of the world’s Blue Zones – meaning it was one of the few places left on the earth where many people were living to the age of 100 – it started the ‘longevity’ phenomena – people going in search of the secrets that kept these local people living a long and healthy life.


I have been living on the island of Ikaria for more than 25 years – and through my work as a guide, educator and running my popular restaurant Thea’s Inn, I have introduced thousands of people from all over the world to the magic and wonder of this very special place.

There is no better way to experience the magnetism of Ikaria than to completely immerse yourself on one of my special Blue Zone Rustic Retreats, or one of the few bespoke retreats I offer during the season. 

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      2023 Blue Zone Rustic Retreats
May 24-30
October 4-10
October 14-20 (Ladies Only)
Something New!

October 31- November 6 :includes 2 days in Athens
November 7-13 :includes 2 days in Athens


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