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On our Instagram, we have been doing a Q&A series (not to worry, we will be sure to get to all your questions!), and one question I received that I would like to dive deeper into is, "Is moving to Ikaria from a big city difficult?". My thoughts towards this question is that those who come to stay for an extended period of time will of course need time and grace to adjust and adapt. One of the biggest differences those who make this change will encounter is the pace in which Ikarians move at. Some people think we move too slow and take too long to get things done, which can hold true in certain instances. But, the hours in which we work are not defined by a time clock. Generally speaking, we may move at a different pace but in the end, everthing will get done in a timely fashion. Through personal observations, those who move from a big city to Ikaria encounter problems when they interject their habits and ways onto the locals, expecting things to be done in the manner in which they have been accustomed to. Although there may be many cultural or lifestyle aspects one feels should be practiced in other parts of the world, it is vital to come to Ikaria with an open heart and mind to allow for an easier and smoother adjustment. This practice holds true for wherever you travel or reside in throughout the world. There is a saying that Ikaria will either embrace you or reject you, but it is up to you as to what she will decide...

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