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“Agape” The Greek Word for Love

Greek is a very rich language. According to Greek philosophy, there are seven different types of love: philautia (self-love), ludus (flirtatious or playful love), storge (an unconditional, familial love that a parent would have for their child), philia ( love for a friend), pragma ( committed, long lasting love), and agape (unconditional, selfless love). It is this type of love, agape, that I will discuss more in depth.

When we use the word agape, its meaning goes much deeper than the three-word phrase of "I love you". Agape is the deepest and truest form of love. In expressing this type of passion, you are giving your love unconditionally, consciously, and without any expectations. This type of love can be felt for all living things. Agape is also known to be described as "the love of God for man and man for God".

In Greek mythology we have the Goddess Agape and her sister, Aphrodite, each of them possessing very different types of love. Agape is a beautiful and timeless divinity who believes in true love and loyalty. Her gift is to make other people happy and to assist them in their quest for true love. Her sister Aphrodite, renowned for her beauty, symbolizes a love of passion and lust, one that is representative of fertility and physical beauty, an eros type of love if you will. Although they differ greatly from each other through their individual characteristics and qualities, their beings are representative of the distinct, yet highly intertwined types of love.

So, on this Valentine's Day (or any day for that matter), remember, the love of agape is not limited to only your partner, but it is a type of endearment and admiration that can be expressed to any being that makes your life meaningful and special.


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