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We're Back!!!

Actually we never left! But for many, travel was a thing of uncertainty and it has been safer to stay put for the time being. Although we are still navigating the uncertainties brought about by Covid-19 and there will likely continue to be certain restrictions, we are optimistic about the coming year.

In that spirit, I am happy to announce that we are planning to host retreats in 2022! For those of you who had planned to attend last year, I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to meet this year.

I feel that we all need a break and perhaps some time in Ikaria is just what is needed. Time to unravel from stress, experience a different way of life, relax, and absorb the beauties of the world. I hope that you take advantage of this opportunity to just be - be still, be open and be ready for a new way of thinking about life and living!

For those of you who would prefer a private retreat with friends or family I am happy to accommodate you. Email me at and we can work out the dates that are convenient for you. Please know there is a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 12.

The upcoming dates are May 6-12

June 5-11

September 30 - October 6

October 10-16

Ladies Retreat October 18 -24

For more information please contact me at

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