Ikaria - A Medicine Island

Actress and Transformative Coach Simone Leona Hueber arrived on the island in the summer of 2015, in search of how the body and the island’s healing power intersected with her creative and artistic work, and noticed she began undergoing a powerful transformation, so strong that it led her to permanently relocate to the island. 


Since her arrival, Simone Leona has been introducing people to the specific medicinal powers of the island through her one-on-one healing and coaching sessions in nature, as well through weekly mindfulness and yoga classes on the island. Simone Leona has helped people to enter a deeper state of connection with the island and the environment as a way to facilitate magic and transformative healing experiences to unfold.


Thea and Simone Leona have been looking even further into the island’s longevity phenomena, and have begun to see the profound healing aspects available on the island.


While many people were coming to Ikaria in search of the longevity secrets of how to live a long life – many were leaving with more of a healing and transformative experience. The question then arose for Thea and Simone Leona – ‘how could we connect people to the longevity island as the catalyst for an even deeper healing and resulting happiness?’ The question has led to a deepening of the traditional Blue Zone Retreat to the birth of a transformative healing retreat, which is being offered for the first time this year.


Why is Ikaria a Medicine Island?


In the modern world we live in a culture that is dominated by our logical mind and our rational thinking. This often leaves us disconnected from our body, soul and from the places we live and work in. As a result, we often lose our sense of the present moment; we lose balance, health and the impulse for what naturally makes us truly happy. So we compromise our health, work longer hours, get overly stressed – which in the long-term leaves us feeling anxious, burnt out, and often ill.


Ikaria is another place that exists in a different rhythm to what we know well in our modern society. It is a place where logic and rational thinking about time and schedules, need to be left behind the moment you step onto the island.


In ancient times the island was also well known for its natural hot springs and their powerful therapeutic effects. Ikaria is also one of the most fertile islands in Europe, with a vivid and rich wildlife and flora system. It is little wonder that the locals lived a deeply connected life with the island and her natural rhythms, to live a very long, healthy life.


For healing to occur, Ikaria teaches us we only need to open up to a deeper place of connection, give our rational thinking brain a rest, but also let our hearts speak in this place of being open and deeply connected.


Opening to this space is what this retreat will facilitate.


Your Personal Journey on Medicine Island


In their joint zest for life, healing, and love for the island, Thea and Simone Leona will open a safe space for you to deeply connect to yourself and the island. This will allow you to receive the island’s sacred messages and medicinal powers that will help you to journey and transform deeply seated wounds – either physical, emotional or spiritual. Often these places of wounding carry the power of our potential for change healing and creativity.  


As an educator, Thea will offer the doorway to experience the ‘other timing’ of the island by connecting you with the authentic Ikarian way of life that she met when she first arrived 25 years ago. With Thea, you will have the opportunity to work on the organic farm, to share food from the land and make contact with the old Dionysian rituals that have survived up to the present day.


As a Transformative Coach Simone Leona will offer and facilitate daily mindfulness, yoga, and deep somatic work in both one-on-one sessions and in a group space.

Your island experience includes:



5 nights in the village of Nas including locally grown breakfast, lunch and dinner for the entire retreat.

     Accommodation for the retreat is at various locations in the village. All rooms give the feeling of having nature ‘right at your doorstep', with most rooms enjoying views of the sea. Nas is situated as the perfect base to explore the island and get immersed in the culture.

     The gourmet breakfasts at Thea’s Inn include fresh eggs and goats cheese from our organic farm, locally baked bread, hot coffee, and yogurt with Ikarian honey, famous for its healing properties.


You can participate in as many or as few of the following as you like:

  • Yoga classes

  • Meditation classes 

  • Group processes facilitated by a specialist teachers 

  • Mountain walks

  • Visit to the Hot Springs in the village of Therma

  • Beach visits

  • Organic farm visits and gathering produce 

  • Dinner at Afianes Winery

Additional costs and information

  • Transfers to and from Ikaria airport to the village of Nas are included.

  • You will need to purchase your own return flights to Athens and from Athens to Ikaria. 

  • You will need to arrange your own Travel Insurance.

To reserve your place

The Healing Retreat will be only for 6 guests. This ensures that every person receives close attention and the deepest healing experience possible.

If you are interested in reserving your place, please contact us at theaparikos@gmail.com for more detailed information.

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